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Bardwell Multi-Use Trails at Waxahachie Creek Park

How to become involved with the trails or just get more info:

If you like to ride trails on your own this is the place for you!

Email for more info!

If you would like to become a trail volunteer let us know!
Or, if you want trail information please contact us now!
If you like to play in the dirt and have fun; this may be the group for you!
Bring work gloves, work hat, snacks, lunch, and drinking water.
Call us for details on what equipment is needed for future projects and where to meet.
Trail work days may include projects such as:
Tree trimming
Erosion control
Trail mowing
Trash control
Trail marking
You can meet a great group of people to work and ride with.

Please help keep the trails neat.

Click here to contact the trail volunteers!


Volunteers at work!

The Corps of Engineers at 972-875-5711 can also answer questions involving the trails and becoming a Corps of Engineers volunteer.

Visit the Corps of Engineers website for Bardwell Lake!!

Picture of volunteers at work!

Bardwell Lake, Waxahachie Creek Park, Ellis County, Texas
Between Ennis and Bardwell off Highway 34
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facility